Cd. Antonelli (08/07/2015): "La concessione della comunione ai divorziati risposati si può prendere in considerazione, ma solo davanti all’impegno a vivere come fratello e sorella"

Cd. Ennio Antonelli, Il Gionale, 08/07/2015:
"Si alla comunione ai divorziati risposati, ma solo se casti. A dirlo, in vista del Sinodo di ottobre sulla famiglia, è il cardinale Ennio Antonelli, che definisce "perfettibile" la prassi vigente attualmente che nega l'eucarestia a chi è unito in seconde nozze.

Nel libro "Crisi del matrimonio ed eucarestia" (Edito da Ares), l’ex presidente del Pontificio Consiglio della Famiglia ed ex arcivescovo di Firenze sostiene che la concessione della comunione ai divorziati risposati si può anche prendere in considerazione, ma solo in situazioni particolari e alla condizione specifica della"perfetta continenza sessuale", o almeno l’impegno "a vivere come fratello e sorella".

"È possibile che i conviventi soggettivamente non siano pienamente responsabili - sottolinea il porporato - a motivo dei condizionamenti esistenziali e culturali, psichici e sociali". È possibile perfino "che siano in grazia di Dio e abbiano le disposizioni interiori necessarie per ricevere l’Eucaristia". Tutto questo però "non si può presumere; deve essere verificato con un attento discernimento secondo la legge della gradualità". Insomma, "bisogna discernere se i conviventi sono davvero decisi a salire verso la vetta della montagna, che per essi è la perfetta continenza sessuale".

E "solo se c’è questo impegno sincero di conversione, eventuali passi falsi, eventuali ricadute nei rapporti sessuali possono comportare una responsabilità attenuata".


Cd. Onaiyekan (26/07/2015): "The Catholic Church carries the banner of the truth; our Stand against Homosexuality is Irrevocable"

"The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, on Sunday said that the position of the Church in Nigeria against homosexuality was irrevocable.

Onaiyekan reiterated the Church position in a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi during his official visit to the Diocese of Makurdi.

According to him, the Catholic Church will continue to sustain its stand against gay marriage.

He regretted that many people across the world were accepting homosexuality as a norm but insisted that it could never become a norm just for the fact of its acceptability by some.

“Unfortunately, we are living in a world where these things have now become quite acceptable but for the fact that they are acceptable doesn’t mean that they are right.

The Catholic Church considers itself as carrying the banner of the truth in the World that has allowed itself to be so badly deceived,” he said.

He said the Catholic Church was one of the few religious groups across the World that had maintained its consistency against the abnormal sex pattern.

The cleric described homosexuality as against the will of God.

“Even if people don’t like us for it, our church has always said homosexuality is unnatural and marriage is between a man and a woman.

“There is no such thing as marriage between two men or marriage between two women. Whatever they do among themselves should not be called marriage.

There is no question of the Catholic Church changing its positions on this matter,” he stressed.



Deacon Nick Donnely (26/07/2015): "Faith is under attack from certain cardinals, bishops and priests; challenge these attacks without losing your soul"

Deacon Nick Donnelly, Catholic Voice, 26/07/2015:
"The latest eruption of heresy among some bishops, such as proposals to allow divorced and re-married to receive Holy Communion and unqualified affirmations of homosexuality and fornication, is breaking the hearts of faithful Catholics. But instead of taking our concerns seriously we’re often dismissed as “fundamentalists”, “rigorists” and “hardliners” because we think the Church should proclaim the revealed truths entrusted to us by Our Lord to save us from sin and attain eternal life.

... some faithful Catholics are talking about the possibility of schism as a ‘what if’ scenario – what if the Synod of Bishops in October recommends to Pope Francis, and the Holy Father accepts, some formula of words that allows divorced and re-married to receive Holy Communion after observing some form of Cardinal Kasper’s “penitential way”. Such a decision on the part of the Holy Father and Synod of Fathers would represent an unprecedented, many would say unimaginable, actionthe betrayal of the categorical doctrines of Our Lord and apostles on the indissolubility of marriage, the immorality of adultery, abandonment of children, and, offences against the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament.

Concerns about schism are heightened by the fact that the Instrumentum Laboris – the working paper for the 2015 Synod – includes Cardinal Kasper’s proposal (paragraphs 122-123) even though it failed to gain the necessary two-thirds majority vote during the 2014 Extraordinary Synod.

But to contemplate schism as an acceptable 'option' is to forget that it is a grave sin against the Faith that deserves the severest penalty of excommunication...

As faithful Catholics we are living through difficult times ... the Faith is under direct attack from certain cardinals, bishops and priests within the Church. The challenge for faithful Catholics is how to challenge these attacks without losing our souls, or those of others. If we succumb to habits of thought and expression that are sinful, then we do more harm than good, not only to ourselves and others but to the Church we love. I have the following sentence from St Paul posted on my kitchen wall to remind me of the truly Catholic approach to take in the current conflict within the Church, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. (Romans 12:21). Salvation of souls - nothing else matters."


La gran farsa ha de acabar

Luis Fernando Pérez Bustamante, Infocatólica, 26.07.15:
Sí, es la gran farsa. Consiste en la idea de que pueden permanecer en un mismo cuerpo eclesial personas que profesan una fe radicalmente distinta. Consiste en la idea de que la verdad y la mentira pueden ir de la mano. Consiste en la idea de que se puede ser católico y pensar como un protestante liberal, un budista o un sintoísta...

... La cosa empeora, y mucho, cuando vemos que hay cardenales y obispos participando en un sínodo con la intención de cargarse la fe de la Iglesia y el mandato de Cristo sobre el sacramento del matrimonio. Sí, ciertamente hay otros dispuestos a no ceder, pero, ¿cómo pueden unos y otros formar parte de la misma Iglesia? ...

Quienes han recibido el don de una fe asentada, madura, firme, soportan con mayor o menor tranquilidad o inquietud este sinsentido que llevamos viviendo desde hace demasiado tiempo -esto no es de ahora-, pero ¿qué ocurre con los débiles en la fe? ¿quién cuida de ellos? ¿quién les orienta? ¿quién les atiende pastoralmente?

Creo que esta situación no se puede prolongar mucho más. Dios es muy paciente, pero llegado un momento, acabará interviniendo, como hizo en el pasado, para poner las cosas en su sitio. No sabemos con total seguridad cuándo ni cómo lo hará, pero cuando lo haga, más nos vale estar firmes en la fe. Para ello contamos con la imprescindible asistencia de la gracia. Es hora de llevar una vida sacramental más intensa, con más oración, penitencia y meditación en la Palaba de Dios. Cada uno según el don que haya recibido, pero sabiendo que basta un poco de fe para permanecer anclados en Cristo.

Que María, destructora de todas las herejías, interceda ante Dios para confundir a los farsantes que quieren cambiarnos la fe de la Iglesia por un subproducto contaminado por el espíritu del príncipe de este mundo.


Ainda vivos ...

Da Leitura I da Missa de S. Tiago Maior (2 Cor 4, 7-15):
"Em tudo somos oprimidos, mas não esmagados;
andamos perplexos, mas não desesperados;
perseguidos, mas não abandonados;
abatidos, mas não aniquilados.
Levamos sempre e em toda a parte no nosso corpo
os sofrimentos da morte de Jesus,
a fim de que se manifeste também no nosso corpo
a vida de Jesus.
Porque, estando ainda vivos,
somos constantemente entregues à morte por causa de Jesus,
para que se manifeste também na nossa carne mortal
a vida de Jesus.
... sabendo que Aquele que ressuscitou o Senhor Jesus
também nos há-de ressuscitar com Jesus
e nos levará convosco para junto d’Ele."

Cd. Sandoval: "new world order seeks to destroy the family, the Catholic Church, and national sovereignty"

"I ask myself, where is this pressure on the Supreme Court coming from, to go against morality and thereby destroy an entire nation? The problem is that there are international organizations that conform to a new world order that seeks to destroy the family, the Catholic Church, and national sovereignty, which are seen as ‘nuisances.’ One of the ways to do this is by perverting the concept of the family by declaring that marriage can mean the union between persons of the same sex, and this very lamentable."

Cd. Juan Sandoval, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara



Cd. Burke (02/07/2015): " soyez attentifs aux germes toxiques de confusion et d'erreur que Satan et ses cohortes ne cessent de semer"

"Aux ordinands

Chers fils, vous êtes sur le point d'être élevés à l'ordre de la prêtrise. Vous enseignerez la foi au nom du Christ. Continuez à vous consacrer à l'étude des vérités de notre foi catholique, afin d'être toujours prêts à en rendre compte à d'autres, en particulier aux âmes qui seront confiées à votre soin sacerdotal. En communion avec le Pontife romain, successeur de saint Pierre, obéissez au Christ en tout ce que vous pensez, dîtes et faites. Invoquant quotidiennement l’intercession de saint Michel Archange, soyez attentifs aux germes toxiques de confusion et d'erreur que Satan et ses cohortes ne cessent de semer dans le monde entier.

Vous aurez aussi à sanctifier les fidèles, surtout à travers les sacrements de la Pénitence et de l'Eucharistie. Que votre manière de célébrer les rites sacrés fasse voir aux fidèles que c’est le Christ Lui-même qui les inonde de grâces divines. Puissiez-vous trouver toujours votre identité sacerdotale dans l'offrande quotidienne du Saint Sacrifice de la Messe.

Vous devrez aussi corriger et gouverner le troupeau confié à vos soins, afin que tous les membres du Corps mystique du Christ, comme des rameaux, tirent plus pleinement et efficacement leur vie du Christ, la Vraie Vigne. Le Christ remplit votre cœur de son amour pur et désintéressé pour vous rendre sages et courageux dans la direction de l'Eglise, en communion avec votre Prieur général, avec les évêques dans les diocèses où vous serez appelés à servir, et avec le Pontife Romain.

Que la pureté de votre offrande de vous-même au Christ, votre Frère dans le sacerdoce, soit évidente par votre continence parfaite, en pleine imitation de Lui. Que votre cœur sacerdotal, uni au Cœur Immaculé de Marie, repose toujours et en toute sécurité dans le Cœur transpercé et glorieux de Jésus, dans lequel il trouvera la purification de tout péché et une abondante effusion de la charité pastorale pour le soin du troupeau.

Aujourd'hui et toujours, confiez votre vie et ministère sacerdotal à l'intercession de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie, Mère des prêtres, des saints Benoît de Nursie, Thomas d'Aquin et François de Sales, patrons de l'Institut, et vos saints patrons. Ils ne manqueront pas d'intercéder pour vous obtenir la grâce dont vous avez besoin pour être de bons et saints prêtres.

Puissiez-vous vous accomplir la mission sacrée pour laquelle sont consacrés aujourd'hui de telle sorte que, lorsque vous aurez atteint la fin de votre pèlerinage terrestre, le Christ, Éternel et Souverain Prêtre, vous accueille dans sa demeure éternelle, vous ses bons et fidèles frères dans le sacerdoce."


"did not the bishops at their consecration promise that they would proclaim faithfully the Gospel of Christ and would preserve, pure and entire, the Deposit of the Faith according to the Tradition" (Cd. Walter Brandmueller, 01/07/2015)

"Catholic leaders must reject "political correctness" even though to do so risks "execution by the media."

[Such a tendency, he observes, often manifests in "undermining the procreation of life in different ways and in putting into question the natural sexual identity of man and woman."]

 Noting a "dynamic of silence" from most bishops about the crisis, he accuses many of "thus silently watch[ing] the execution," wondering, "For what purpose did we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?"

He continues: "And did not the bishops at their consecration promise that they would proclaim faithfully the Gospel of Christ and would preserve, pure and entire, the Deposit of the Faith according to the Tradition as held by the Church, always and everywhere?"

Cardinal Brandmüller wants the Church to stop preaching what he calls a "Christianity light" based on "earthly-economical principles" instead of "the Truth of the Faith." What's needed, he believes, is a "de-secularization" of the Church, "a program which is in firm contrast to the societal mainstream of today and lives out fully the contents of the Ten Commandments and Ethics of the New Testament."

"The Church can and must proclaim the Natural Moral Law which has been perfected by the Gospels and which is understandable for the man of good will." In the end, he believes, the Church has to somehow overcome all the anticipated resistance which would detract from that divine mission.

Cd. Walter Brandmueller, President Emeritus of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences

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