Audiência Geral desta 4ª Feira foi dedicada a S. Gregório Magno

Pope Benedict XVI waves as he arrives to lead his weekly general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican May 28, 2008:

"In his weekly audience today Pope Benedict XVI today his lessons on the Fathers of the Church, this week focusing on Saint Gregory the Great.

Doctor of the Church, Pope Saint Gregory the Great, who governed the Church of Rome at the end of the sixth century was at the heart of Pope Benedict XVI’s audience this Wednesday.

“Born of a noble Roman family, Gregory entered the civil service, in which he rose to the dignity of Prefect of the City, and then embraced the monastic life. Gregory’s learning and experience, and his outstanding personal gifts, led to his appointment as the papal representative to the imperial court in Constantinople, and then as the Pope’s secretary. In the year 590, Gregory was elected Pope”.

Pope Benedict noted that Gregory’s papal ministry was marked by tireless energy and a clear vision of the grave problems facing civil society and the Church:

“Gregory made every effort to contain the Lombard invasion, to provide for the evangelization of that people, and to establish peace throughout Italy. In addition to his preaching, teaching and pastoral activity, he also reorganized the management of the Church’s goods and ensured a more effective administration of her charitable works. At a time of great social instability, and despite his frequent ill health, Gregory proved an effective, prudent and saintly pastor, whose life and teaching continue to inspire us today”

P.S. Canto Gregoriano (scroll down)

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