S. Marcelino e S. Pedro, mártires (+304)

"O seu martírio, sofrido durante a perseguição de Diocleciano, é atestado pelo papa S. Dâmaso, que foi informado pelo próprio verdugo. Foram decapitados num bosque; mas os seus corpos foram trasladados e sepultados no cemitério «Ad lauros» na Via Labicana. Sobre o seu sepulcro foi construída uma basílica depois da paz de Constantino."

"Peter, an exorcist, was cast into prison at Rome, under the emperor Diocletian, by the judge Serenus, for confessing the Christian faith. He there set free Paulina, the daughter of Artemius, the keeper of the prison, from an evil spirit which tormented her. Upon this, Artemius and his wife and all their house, with their neighbors who had run together to see the strange thing, were converted to Jesus Christ. Peter therefore brought them to Marcellinus the priest, who baptized them all. When Serenus heard of it, he called Peter and Marcellinus before him, and sharply rebuked them, adding to his bitter words threats and terrors, unless they would deny Christ. Marcellinus answered him with Christian boldness, whereupon he caused him to be buffeted, separated him from Peter, and shut him up naked, in a prison strewn with broken glass, without either food or light. Peter also he confined. But when both of them were found to increase in faith and courage in their bonds, they were beheaded, unshaken in their testimony, and confessing Jesus Christ gloriously by their blood."

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