S. Norbertode Magdburgo, Bispo (+1134) e S. Marcelino Champagnat, presbítero e Fundador (+1840)

"Born to the nobility, he was raised around the royal court and served as almoner for Emperor Henry V. There he developed a very worldly view, and took holy orders as a career move; joined the Benedictines at Siegburg. A narrow escape from death led to a conversion experience, and taking his vows seriously: While riding one day, he was overtaken by a thunderstorm. A flash of lightning struck the ground before him, the horse threw him, and he seemed to hear a voice upbraiding him for his conduct.As in the case of St. Paul, the experience wrought a complete transformation.

Tried to reform his order's local house, then became a wandering preacher. Founded a community of Augustinian canons at Premontre, France; they became known as the Norbertines or Premonstratensians, and started a reform movement that swept through European monastic houses. ... Reformed the clergy in his see, using force when necessary. Worked with Saint Bernard and Saint Hugh of Grenoble to heal the schism caused by the death of Pope Honorius II. Opposed heresy in Cambrai with the help of Saint Waltmann. "

"Entered the seminary at age 16. Student with Saint John Marie Vianney. Priest in 1816. Founded the Little Brothers of Mary (Marists) in 1817 mainly involving boys in their late teens with a great devotion of Our Lady who wanted to teach and help bring the Word to other young men. Today there are about 5,000 Marist Brothers in 72 countries; their slogan A Heart Without Borders.

Beatified: 29 May 1955 by Venerable Pope Pius XII; the investigation included the October 1939 cure of Mrs Georgina Grondin from a malignant tumour in Waterville, Maine, USA, and the 12 November 1941 cure of John Ranaivo from cerebrospinal meningitis, in Antsirabe, Madagascar

Canonized: 18 April 1999 by Pope John Paul II; the investigation include the July 1976 cure of Brother Heriberto Weber Nellessen, in Montevideo, Uruguay."

"To educate a child....is to make him a good Christian and a good citizen."

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