A coragem de Pilatos

Tom Roeser, Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem:
"... The sexual revolution virtually destroyed the women’s religious Orders. It also propelled men... to examine their own sexual identifies. Some who believed themselves homosexual decided to go where men are: cohabit in seminaries and monasteries ... They became priests. Then bishops. Then bishops who recommended others for the priesthood. ... Not all became involved, of course... Throughout, honorable religious stood their ground. The identity of the Church was greatly helped by the personal prelature “Opus Dei” for one, which… although I am not a member… shows often to me at least that it is the authentic Church in exile. ... throughout the ordeal good priests, good brothers, good lay organizations have continued to thrive.

Anyone who knows the history of this Church understands that it has survived for 2,000 plus years not because of luck but because it is Divine - from servitude and persecution under the Roman imperium, the flourishing of heresies, the near collapse to the barbarian, the rise and near fall to the Muslims, the crusades, the rise of Protestantism, the Inquisition, the Renaissance, centuries of war.

But not only troubles flourished but indeed its building of western civilization... [and] most of all the saints both canonized and unrecognized - from the great pillars of strength to the humble nuns who sacrificed much to teach and minister to the weak.

Thus the Lavender Clergy is just another painful period which we shall endure. Why? Because Christ said this Church shall survive to the end of time.

But in all these difficult times, don’t count on the indomitable role of bishops to stand the guff. When Henry VIII ordered all Catholic bishops to take a blood oath of obedience to him as head of the Catholic church in England in the 16th century, there were 25 bishops: of which 24 obeyed.

The sole one who dissented was John Fisher, bishop of Rochester, England who was sent to the Tower of London.

To dissuade Henry from decapitating Fisher, the Pope made Fisher a cardinal and so notified Henry saying that Fisher’s red hat was on the way to England. Henry responded: save your time; Fisher’s head will be on its way to Rome. Fisher is the only member of the College of Cardinals… who was martyred…of a group that has taken red-the symbol of blood-as emblematic that they are to sacrifice all…even their lives…to uphold the faith.

He is now incardinated as Saint John Fisher [1469-1535]."

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