MISSING LINK STILL MISSING: Afinal, o Lémur pré-histórico ... é um lémur pré-histórico

The Times, 28/05/2009:
"The Ida team is facing opposition over its scientific interpretation of the fossil, which it claims is a “missing link” between humans, apes and monkeys and their distant past. They suggest that, if not a direct ancestor, Ida lies on the broad ancestral branch, known as the haplorhines, that led to monkeys, apes and humans. “She’s on our ancestral line,” Dr Hurum said.

It is thought that the majority of palaeontologists believe that Ida is more likely to lie on the strepsirhine branch that led to modern-day lemurs."
As semelhanças entre este episódio e a encenação à volta do chamado "evangelho de judas", serão coincidência?

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