O Papa tenta catequizar o Obama

O Papa ofereceu ao Obama a nova Encíclica e um exemplar da instrução Dignitas Personae, sobre as questões da bioética. O Obama respondeu:
"Oh, what we discussed earlier," ... "I will have some reading to do on the plane."
Diz a CNS que, durante o encontro com o Papa:
"The president explicitly expressed his commitment to reducing the numbers of abortions [!!!] and to listen to the church's concerns on moral issues".
O comunicado oficial do Vaticano refere que:
"... the conversation turned first of all to questions which are in the interests of all and which constitute a great challenge for the future of every nation and for the true progress of peoples, such as the defence and promotion of life and the right to abide by one’s conscience.

Reference was also made to immigration with particular attention to the matter of reuniting families..."

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