De acordo com "os especialistas" ... não se pode confiar neles

"As Robert Boyle, one of the founding fathers of modern science, recognized, experimental error is part of the slow advance toward any scientific truth; you can't have trial without error.

But the current market creates the wrong kinds of incentives for doing good research or admitting failure. Novel ideas and findings are rewarded with grants and publication, which lead to academic prestige and career advancement. Researchers have a vested interest in overstating their findings because certainty is more likely than equivocation to achieve all of the above. Thus the probability increases of producing findings that are false. As the medical mathematician John Ioannidis tells Mr. Freedman: "The facts suggest that for many, if not the majority of fields, the majority of published studies are likely to be wrong."

The problem is that the media tend to validate these findings before they have been properly interpreted, qualified, tested, and either refuted or replicated by other experts. And once a lousy study gets public validation ... it can prove almost impossible to invalidate."
Portanto, quando algum revolucionário cultural chamar "os especialistas" em auxílio da normalização da perversão que estiver na moda, isso é impulse...

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