Deacon Nick Donnely (26/07/2015): "Faith is under attack from certain cardinals, bishops and priests; challenge these attacks without losing your soul"

Deacon Nick Donnelly, Catholic Voice, 26/07/2015:
"The latest eruption of heresy among some bishops, such as proposals to allow divorced and re-married to receive Holy Communion and unqualified affirmations of homosexuality and fornication, is breaking the hearts of faithful Catholics. But instead of taking our concerns seriously we’re often dismissed as “fundamentalists”, “rigorists” and “hardliners” because we think the Church should proclaim the revealed truths entrusted to us by Our Lord to save us from sin and attain eternal life.

... some faithful Catholics are talking about the possibility of schism as a ‘what if’ scenario – what if the Synod of Bishops in October recommends to Pope Francis, and the Holy Father accepts, some formula of words that allows divorced and re-married to receive Holy Communion after observing some form of Cardinal Kasper’s “penitential way”. Such a decision on the part of the Holy Father and Synod of Fathers would represent an unprecedented, many would say unimaginable, actionthe betrayal of the categorical doctrines of Our Lord and apostles on the indissolubility of marriage, the immorality of adultery, abandonment of children, and, offences against the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament.

Concerns about schism are heightened by the fact that the Instrumentum Laboris – the working paper for the 2015 Synod – includes Cardinal Kasper’s proposal (paragraphs 122-123) even though it failed to gain the necessary two-thirds majority vote during the 2014 Extraordinary Synod.

But to contemplate schism as an acceptable 'option' is to forget that it is a grave sin against the Faith that deserves the severest penalty of excommunication...

As faithful Catholics we are living through difficult times ... the Faith is under direct attack from certain cardinals, bishops and priests within the Church. The challenge for faithful Catholics is how to challenge these attacks without losing our souls, or those of others. If we succumb to habits of thought and expression that are sinful, then we do more harm than good, not only to ourselves and others but to the Church we love. I have the following sentence from St Paul posted on my kitchen wall to remind me of the truly Catholic approach to take in the current conflict within the Church, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. (Romans 12:21). Salvation of souls - nothing else matters."

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