À falsa fé

Afinal não será necessário aguardar até ao fim do sínodo. Foi hoje anunciado que, amanhã mesmo, será publicado uma reforma do processo dos processos de declaração de nulidade matrimonial.

Comentário do Rorate Caeli:
The extremely short notice given for the press conference (only 24 hours) is highly unusual, as is the speed with which this reform has been accomplished -- less than a year! The Commission for the reform of the canonical process for declarations of nullity of marriage was announced only on September 20, 2014.

It is feared by not a few that the reforms will amount to a major simplification of the process and a greater ease in the granting of annulments...

Merely to illustrate how much things have changed in just three years: in 2012 the Vatican also had a project to reform some aspects of the canonical process for declarations of nullity. The major difference is that this project had as its aim to tighten, or make stricter, the grounds for granting these declarations ...not make these easier to obtain. One of the driving forces behind this "Ratzingerian" version of annulment reform was Cardinal Burke, whose removal from the Apostolic Signatura in November 2014 was, at the very least, highly convenient for the partisans of annulment simplification.
De facto, até ao início do presente pontificado, criticava-se a facilidade com que se concediam estas declarações de nulidade ...

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