What I learned from #Synod15

  1. The latest eruption of the present crisis, AKA #Synod15, proved that we cannot trust many of those who are supposedly our shepherds:
    • Many members of the hierarchy fear, look up to, see the world through the lenses of the liberal media. They work to gain the approval of or to appease “public opinion”. Their Lord and Master and the faithful in the pews are an afterthought (or not even that).

      Some Cardinals and Bishops simply don’t have the Faith.

    • @HolySeePress office is thoroughly infiltrated and became a spin machine at the service of the Enemy.

    • Some supposed bastions of orthodoxy behaved shamefully. They bought their survival at the price of silence and subservience. They sacrificed Truth in the altar of their corporate worldly interests.

  2. Others, on the contrary, have shown their love for the Church:
    • Cardinals and bishops who paid the price for being Faithful: Cd. Burke, Cd. Erdo, Cd. Pell, … [At this point I wish to remember Bp. Liviéres (RIP)]

    • Faithful media and journalists: @Infocatolica, @EdwardPentin, …

    • The army of Davids who fought the heretical Golias when those entrusted with guarding the flock gave up or joined the wolves’ army: @ProtectthePope and many other anonymous individuals.

  3. BOTTOM LINE IS: We need a Pope that will confirm our Faith (Lk 22:32), laicize the heretic bishops and cardinals, suppress all heretic orders, proclaim the Truth to the world without fear and end the confusion (the trademark of the present pontificate). In the meantime I plan to stick with Tradition, live the Faith, teach it to my children and pray for all involved.

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