Dealing with bergoglian scandal: a taxonomy

From what I can gather, people - or at least tweeps and bloggers - tend to deal with Pope Francis' scandals in different ways.

First, there are those who...

... question the message and/or the messenger

If you feel disturbed by Pope Francis' words and "gestures" but cannot fit in any of the above little boxes, then there is always the rational possibility of...

... questioning the institution

The issue is indefectibility (I posted about it before here).

The gift of indefectibility is expressly promised to the Church by Christ, in the words in which He declares that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Concerning morals, the consequences of indefectibility are the following:
"[Christ] established [the Church] that it might be to all men the school of holiness. This it would cease to be if ever it could set up a false and corrupt moral standard."
Pope Francis, by promoting or enabling Situation Ethics, proportionalism and gradualism, is setting up a false and corrupt moral standard.

If you cannot bring yourself to accept these false teachings and, at the same time, cannot fit in one of the  little boxes above then the alternative is:

This opens a plethora of possibilities, from oriental schismatic to atheist and everything in-between.

But this is a bit extreme, so some people enter into a state of...


There's a little bit of the battered wife syndrome and of the Stockholm syndrome thrown in too.

Then there are those who are...

... just loving it

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