Going Trad - day 3: Missal

I inherited three missals one of which went overseas during the war. Inside I found a prayer card signed: 'your military chaplain' !

I guess there were not many TLM's in the bush in the years by Father was over there because this missal returned home almost intact. War is a terrible thing.

(Come to think of it, that is why there are so few TLM's in my city at present; we're fighting a war in our streets, workplaces and homes. And we are loosing this war just like we lost the bush wars: Our leaders are consorting with the enemy and deliberately poisoning hearts and minds.)

The (mostly young) people that go to these masses also carry old missals. Somehow the missals managed to survive the '50 year war' and reach the hands of the younger generations unscathed.

P.S. ORDINÁRIO DA SANTA MISSA – Guia Prático de estudo do rito latino e Mass Propers for Weekdays.

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