The Church and the anti-church (3): life in the occupied Church

In summary, the anti-church grew and the hierarchy failed to contain the damage.

The infection spread and, one fine evening AD MMXIII, "the whole world groaned and marvelled to find itself" modernist.

Thankfully, St. Augustine layed out a survival plan for stranded catholics:
Aug., Cont. Ep. Parm., iii. 2: "... when the same infection has spread to a large number at once, nothing remains but sorrow and groans. Therefore let a man gently reprove whatever is in his power; what is not in let him bear with patience, and mourn over with affection, until He from above shall correct and heal, and let him defer till harvest-time to root out the tares and winnow the chaff. But the multitude of the unrighteous is to be struck at with a general reproof, whenever there is opportunity of saying aught among the people; and above all when any scourge of the Lord from above gives opportunity, when they feel that they are scourged for their deserts; for then the calamity of the hearers opens their ears submissively to the words of their reprover, seeing the heart in affliction is ever more prone to the groans of confession than to the murmurs of resistance.

And even when no tribulation lays upon them, should occasion serve, a word of reproof is usefully spent upon the multitude; for when separated it is wont to be fierce, when in a body it is wont to mourn.them into bundles to burn.


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